Investment Speculation by Kay Rieck

Kay Rieck’s investments are fraught with corruption and speculation. Kay Rieck is now offering investment opportunities in his project “Helena Energy LLC,” an oil and gas venture with operations in Texas, USA. We expect and are even certain that Helena Energy will collapse, for the simple reason that the investments made into it will go to Kay’s pocket or at best, to pay out old investors in his older failed ventures.

What he plans now is to take Helena Energy as an operating company, but sell shares in Ensopella AG, a publicly registered German shell company, and pay out the imagined earnings of Helena Energy to Ensopella. Ensopella was even supposed to be renamed to Rixx Invest AG.


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Kay Rieck is a fraudulent individual posing as a successful businessman with promising opportunities. We are investors exposing Kay Rieck for fraud and calling for a litigation. And we have the evidence to prove it.

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